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It is a monument in the middle of the business centre of Yangon and it is one of oldest pagoda.The traffic swirled the pagoda.A pedestrian bridge renders it safe for a pilgrim to reach one of Yangon's oldest pagodas. This is a think that the name of "Sule" came from the "Suwae". It is concern with the history of word Shwedagon. According to the history of Kyaikasan and general history of Myanmar and Rahkhine, two trader brothers from Myanmar, by the names of Tapussa and Bhallika brought eight strands of the Latter's hair thatever given by the Buddha into the Ruler of Okkalapa,and they searched seingotsara hill. Although the Buddha hairs were shrined in a zedi or pagoda, but they did not know that place. Shwedagon pagoda was built by finding that place, after the Ruler of Okkalapa and Nats or Spirits were assembled containing with Sule Nate and inviting the four great Nats on the upland on "Sule Pagoda"was built. Then the humen with the Nats were assemble, they built a pagoda as a celemble, they built a pagoda as a celebration and called as "Suwae zedi or pagoda". The Myanmar name "Suwae" means "assembly" Then the name "Sule pagoda" was changed from" Suwae Pagoda" by moving the long period.

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