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Please answer the following questions to make your trip a most wonderful one for you:
01) Is it your first time visit to Myanmar?
Yes No
02) If No, kindly let us know when and which places you have visited during the last trip.
03) If Yes, places you want to visit .
04) What kind of experience or activities do you expect for travelling to Myanmar? (required)
05) What are the places in Myanmar that you have in mind to visit? (refer to Myanmar tourist destinations) (required)
06) What is your targeted date or month of visit?
07) Is your travelling dates variable?
Yes, for Days No
08) How many days do you wish to spend? Days
09) What is your targeted budget to use for Myanmar trip excluding International Airfares? US Dollar
10) Is it your honey moon trip?
Yes No
11) Are you a retired person?
Yes No
12) What is your energy for travelling? (average fitness including all other accompanying persons) Poor   Moderate   Good Very Good 
13) What kind of transportation do you prefer? e.g. All by flight, cruise & flight, all by car, train and car, mixed of transport etc.. (please see time taking, distances and mode of transport available in Myanmar) (required)
14) Do you prefer of pre-arranged services for all the services (book everythings in advance) or free & easy (book the flights, hotels and transfers only and tours on your own arrangement or upon arrival to the places)? Pre-Arranged   Free & Easy  
15) What type of guide do you need? (you can save money if you get station guide.) Local Guide   Throughout Guide   No Guide
16) Do you need a language guide? (availabel only throughout guide for the whole trip)
Yes No
17) If yes, please specify the language? e.g. German, Italian etc.
18) What is your meals plan? (Bed & Breakfast means breakfast only, Hlaf Board means either one lunch or dinner with breakfast for a day, Full Board means breakfast, lunch and dinner for a day) Bed& Breakfast  Half Board     Full Board 
19) If you choose Half Board, please let us know what do you prefer? Lunch   Dinner      Mixed 
20) What kind of meals do you prefer during your trip? (can choose more than one) Chinese  European   Vegetarian 
Muslim  Local Asian  
21) What type of meals do you prefer?
22) What type of hotel do you prefer? 2-3stars   3-4 stars 4-5 stars 
Luxury and Botique
23) How many people are travelling with you together? Adult  Senior Child  Infant
24) How do you find us? (e.g. internet, friends etc)
25) When was your last visit to Asia and where did you visit?
26) Do you or your member of the group have any special health or mental problem like heart attack, sea sick, back pain, stomatch sick, seriously sensitive to the hygenic of foods etc?
Prefer Type Of Payment :   

1) We accept the PayPal payment without any additional charges for deposit 20% of the total sales only.

2) If you would like to make full payment by PayPal, the extra surcharge of 7% will be apply to the rest of the amount (that is 80% of the total sales amount)

3) There is no extra surcharges for other type of payments.


a) Assume that you buy USD 1000 worth of tour services from us and choose PayPal mode for deposit only. There will be no extra charge for you. You can pay the balance by cash on arrival or TT into our account.

b) Assume that you buy USD 1000 worth of tour services from us and choose PayPal mode for full payment. Then, there will be the extra surcharge of USD 56.0. [(USD 1000 - USD 200) x 7% = USD 56.0] **USD 200 is the 20% deposit where we absorbed the surcharges.

** Once you have send the request. one of our reservation staff will contact back to you by email and will let you know the availibility of serivices. Please not that all the services will be secure and confimed after receiving the deposit payment of 20% by Credit Card or Telegraphic Transfer into our account. **

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